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The largest packaging and printing industry base in Northeast China settled in Shenbei New District

on December 5, the Fifth China packaging industry base summit was held in Shenbei, which explained in detail the prospects for the development of the packaging industry and the situation of the national industrial base. The summit also introduced the largest packaging industry base in Northeast Asia, which will also bring 8000 to 12000 jobs to Northern Shenyang

as the development center of Northeast China, Liaoning Shenyang has become the first choice of the base. It is reported that the existing packaging enterprises in Shenyang mainly cover metal packaging, plastic packaging, paper packaging, packaging machinery, packaging printing and auxiliary materials to confirm that the controller will be in this state when it is powered on again, bamboo and wood packaging, glass packaging and other sub industries. Among them, plastic packaging enterprises account for the largest proportion, followed by paper packaging. For example, the Ministry of science and technology of the canned beverage Institute has also launched the paper bag packaging of cans, metal and dairy production enterprises for key R & D projects such as the upgrading and industrialization of key basic materials technology, advanced electronic materials and industrialization technology, nano materials and devices, and material genetic engineering

according to the relevant person in charge of the base, it is expected that the base will be completed and put into use in 2017. After completion, 200-300 packaging enterprises will be introduced, and 8000-12000 jobs will be brought to Shenbei New District

it is reported that at present, there are only seven such packaging industry bases in the country, and Shenyang will also become the first and only city in Northeast Asia to build a packaging industry base. In the future, it will serve the entire Northeast Asia region and the national production enterprises

in addition, the core trade area of Shenbei New Area will establish the largest new packaging industry base in China in Northeast Asia

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