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since last year, Hebei Province has issued the "1.18" policy system, implemented the three-year action plan to win the unrepentant defense war for those who are willing to fight in the blue sky, vigorously adjusted the industrial structure, energy structure and transportation structure, and promoted the centralized treatment of rural clean heating and small coal-fired boilers. Last year, the average concentration of PM2.5 in Hebei Province decreased by 39.8% compared with 2013, and the air quality in autumn and winter was better than that in the past five years. In January this year, the average concentration of PM2.5 decreased by 18.2% year-on-year

Xu Qin stressed that the results are preliminary and phased, and the situation of air pollution prevention and control in Hebei Province is still not optimistic. All localities and departments should further strengthen the "four senses" and implement the "two maintenances", effectively integrate their thoughts and actions into the decision-making and deployment of the central and provincial Party committees and governments, adhere to ecological priority and green development, firmly grasp the "steady progress and good accuracy", and conscientiously implement the "Regulations on the prevention and control of air pollution in Hebei Province", so as to contribute to the future development, the people Responsible for future generations, the Chinese chemical industry group has made a total investment of 228billion yuan in foreign mergers and acquisitions, and worked together to win the blue sky defense war

this year is the first year of implementing the three-year action plan to win the blue sky defense war. The key to completing the annual goals and tasks is in autumn and winter. The meeting clarified the basic ideas, key tasks and safeguard measures for the prevention and control of air pollution in autumn and winter in Hebei Province, and required that we adhere to the goal orientation, problem orientation and quality orientation, implement scientific, precise and legal governance, and solidly carry out the rectification of loose coal, the removal of production capacity and the removal from cities, "the clean-up and rectification of scattered pollution" enterprises, the in-depth treatment of industrial enterprises' pollution, and the comprehensive treatment of dust pollution Ten special actions, such as pollution control of diesel trucks and non road mobile machinery, cracking down on black gas stations (points), pollution control of industrial furnaces and kilns, comprehensive control of VOCs, emergency emission reduction and peak staggering production, were detailed into 30 specific tasks, which were broken down into cities and counties, and ten safeguard measures were defined to ensure the completion of air quality improvement goals in autumn, winter and the whole year

"we should put 'people's efforts' ahead, strengthen governance measures, and bring more green benefits to the people." Xu Qin emphasized. We should take adjusting and optimizing the industrial structure as the fundamental solution, force structural adjustment with strict standards of environmental protection, energy consumption and safety, and speed up the construction of a modern industrial system to speed up the pace of going global. We should strictly enforce environmental supervision and law enforcement, and severely crack down on illegal discharge and release in accordance with the law. We should effectively control the heavily polluted weather, accurately implement differentiated peak shifting production, and strictly prohibit "one size fits all" production suspension and restriction. We should actively and steadily promote clean heating, adhere to electricity, gas, oil and coal, and give priority to people's livelihood needs such as heating in winter. We should improve the work implementation mechanism, coordinate and cooperate with all departments around the country, work in the same direction, implement it at all levels, strengthen the evaluation and effectiveness, and ensure that policies and measures take root, achieve actual results, and benefit the people

Li Qian, vice governor, and Zhu Haowen, Secretary General of the provincial government attended the meeting

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