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Qibin glass takes the lead in strip optimization. A wide quality float glass production line that removes the bonding between the big bottom side wall and the upper has been put into production.

recently, Fujian Zhangzhou Qibin glass company took the lead in a high-quality float glass production line and successfully produced a leading piece of bright glass. The Zhangzhou Qibin glass project, a key project in Fujian Province with a total investment of 3.72 billion yuan, is a leading high-quality float glass production line with a daily melting capacity of 900 tons. It was completed and ignited on December 28 last year. The high-quality float glass produced from a large amount of high-quality silica sand raw materials in Dongshan Island will be widely used in construction, furniture, vehicles, optical instruments and other industries

according to the introduction, Qibin company has completed an investment of 1billion yuan in recent years, and will invest another 1.5 billion yuan this year to build four supporting projects: that is, in April, it will invest and build the second world's most advanced Low-E coated glass production line with a daily melting capacity of 600 tons, introduce the most advanced manufacturing technology in the United States, and mainly produce low radiation, energy conservation and emission reduction, ultra-thin glass products in an area designed to be 90m2, which is a new highlight of market demand; Build a 5000 ton berth wharf; Build a fuel oil upgrading project with an annual output of 1million tons. After all these projects are put into production, the annual industrial output value can reach 10billion yuan

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