The leading models of the most volcanic emission l

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The leading model of Shantui guoiii emission loader has been completely offline.

Shantui guoiii emission symptoms: the electrical control switch has failed to work. The leading model of loader has been completely offline "

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recently, after the first batch of sl50wa (National III) loaders have been offline, Shantui sl30wn (National III), sl50wn (National III) and Sl60wn (National III) emission and other leading loaders have been successfully rolled off the production line, and the next step will be to enter the overall test and verification stage

the leading model of Shantui guoiii emission loader was completely offline

guoiii loader inherited the performance advantages of the existing two-stage product models, integrated the design concept of N series products, and comprehensively upgraded the two-stage products; It adopts the latest electronically controlled high-performance engine powertrain, uses the latest appearance coating style, and the new ladder and counterweight make the structure of the whole machine more reasonable, the maintenance operation more convenient and fast, and reduce the maintenance cost, so as to further improve the comprehensive performance of the product

the comprehensive and successful offline of national III emission loader products has made full preparations for Shantui loader series products to enter the national III era. ESC is under the simultaneous action of stress, tension and environment

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