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Industry development and standards first, anti-virus coatings and testing methods group standards enter a critical stage

industry development and standards first, anti-virus coatings and testing methods group standards enter a critical stage

June 15, 2020

June 12, 2020, the "first (online) discussion of anti-virus coatings and testing methods group standards" organized by the China coating industry association was held online as scheduled, It marks that the formulation of group standards for anti-virus coatings and detection methods has entered a critical stage, which is of great significance for the normalization of epidemic prevention and control

sun Lianying, President of China Coating Industry Association, Ma Jun, chief engineer, Xu Yan, manager of the International Department, Xie Xiaobao, director of Guangdong anti microbial materials and anti microbial testing engineering technology research center of Guangdong Institute of Microbiology, professor who needs to reset the system, and representatives of more than 60 enterprises who intend to participate in the standard formulation attended the online meeting. Li Li, deputy chief engineer of China Coating Industry Association, presided over the online conference coating

SUN Lianying, President of China Paint Industry Association, said in his speech that in recent years, the formulation of group standards of China paint industry association has been fruitful. With the joint support of the whole industry, the rigidity, impact resistance, creep resistance, chemical resistance and other properties of modified plastics have been improved by breakthroughs. The set standards are more progressiveness, scientific, practical and operable. Therefore, The association also designated 2020 as the "year of promoting standardization in China's coating industry". At the same time, functionality is an important direction for the future development of coatings. Based on the original intention of providing consumers with more safe, environmental friendly and healthy functional products, as early as August 2019, before the arrival of the COVID-19, the China Coatings Industry Association prospectively launched the research and research work related to anti-virus coatings. After communicating with domestic counterparts and national coating associations in Europe, the United States and Japan, it was finally determined that the development of anti-virus coating testing methods and product standards should be promoted at the same time. Once the two monographs of "test method for antiviral performance of coatings (film)" and "antibacterial and antiviral coatings" were approved, they received positive responses from the industry and scientific research institutions. On the premise of maintaining the progressiveness, scientificity and practicality of the standard formulation, we hope that the formulation of the two standards can better regulate the market, lead consumers to use coatings correctly, and make due contributions to anti-virus, safety and health

In the seminar, Professor xiexiaobao explained in detail the principles and basis for the formulation of the two standards from the aspects of virus classification, selection of virus strains, concentration of virus solution, culture conditions, culture time, effectiveness of results and other key points, and pointed out that two influenza viruses with strong transmission and easy access (enveloped virus) and hand foot mouth virus (non enveloped virus) would be selected as test viruses. Minister Xu Yan made a comprehensive introduction to the research status of antiviral and antibacterial coatings and standards in Japan, the United States, Britain, Germany and Europe. Research data show that at present, there are no relevant standards for anti-virus coatings in various countries, There are only two ISO standards iso21702:2019 (measurement of antiviral activity on plastics and other non porous surfaces) and iso22196:2011 (measurement of antibacterial activity on plastics and other non porous surfaces, the type of bacteria is gold. 3. The unprocessed surfaces of all parts and accessories of electronic tensile testing machine are not primed, painted, Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli) are related to this. It can be seen that the formulation of the standards of the two groups is at the forefront of the international industry

at present, the two standards of this antiviral coating and detection method have been drafted. At the meeting, chief engineer Ma Jun introduced the preliminary project approval and draft preparation, and representatives of all parties also put forward opinions and suggestions on the standard, mainly focusing on the progressiveness of the standard, the selection of blank samples, the determination of culture time, the determination of virus strains and the determination of test substrates, which provided help to ensure the scientificity of standard formulation and sometimes detect the advancement of finished products

through this online standard discussion, it not only laid a good foundation for the smooth promotion of the preparation of the two standards, but also played a positive role in the early introduction of the standards, better regulating the anti-virus coating market industry, and correctly leading consumption

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